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today I'm working on my next book, 'this paradise, lost'...

prologue I

she just departed

the sweet rain descends

on the dirty streets asunder,

here at night, the blackness welcomes

the day's blanket of dirt

and remnants of the city's bluster,

it spoils the rain the instant it falls into its dark void,

I feel like I too could easily be assimilated

into these degenerate layers

of dank liquid and street grit

as monumental giants overhead,

tower above the both of us,

scattering a shower of random lights

shining down upon the city night,

gently exposing all of us lost souls

ambling along,

and still, the rain comes

intensifying the reflections

in the ebony shimmer on the asphalt

pooling in all of the uneven spaces,

we are all stuck here

on the dirt's ground level,

and she just departed

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